Product Stewardship

Bates Chemical Product Stewardship


Product Stewardship is the legal, ethical and moral obligation to ensure the products and technologies we distribute are done so in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.  Through a proactive product stewardship program, the employees of Bates Chemical, Inc. manage a wide range of products and incorporate risk assessment techniques to ensure that the storage, transportation, handling, usage and disposal of chemicals will not present any unreasonable risk to employees, customers, contractors, consumers or others.  Bates Chemical’s pledge is to keep health, safety and environmental considerations a priority in conducting business.

Guidelines for Quality Assurance

  • Assure the quality of products and services that we provide to our customers through a system of specifications and standardized controls
  • Ensure that product documentation complies with all applicable governmental requirements for product safety, labeling registration and certification
  • Provide technical and practical assistance utilizing our improvement programs to limit and resolve quality problems in an efficient and timely manner
Guidelines for Distribution
  • Determine that the appropriate steps are taken to protect persons, property and the environment while our products are being transported
  • Select the proper containers for product distribution
  • Select carriers, warehouse and terminals to perform distribution functions consistent with Bates Chemical’s Product Stewardship guidelines
  • Practice Product Stewardship by continually qualifying customers and working with them to promote the proper handling, use, transportation and disposal of chemical products
Guidelines for Marketing
  • Furnish customers with  the appropriate information to promote the proper handling, use and disposal of our products
  • Inform customers about any known use limitations and encourage them to use the products in accordance with label recommendations and safety data sheet guidelines
Guidelines for the Community
  • To be aware of community concerns and respond with information regarding the handling and transportation of chemicals
  • To participate in the legislative process by evaluating and commenting on new and proposed laws, regulations and standards to promote social responsibility

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