Environmental Health & Safety

Bates Chemical is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen with a global focus on safety, health, the environment and sustainability.

Bates Chemical, Inc. is committed to providing quality service and products with minimal environmental impact.  Our goal is to implement programs that yield measurable improvements in environmental, safety and quality performance.  Not only have we maintained a firm commitment to ongoing compliance with all regulations that govern our activities, but we also plan to carry on that commitment in the future.

In conjunction with our Quality Assurance efforts, we continually work with our customers, colleagues, suppliers and the general public to minimize the risks associated with chemical distribution.  To this end, we endeavor to make every effort to:

  • Address community concerns
  • Make safety, health and environmental considerations a priority in our planning
  • Participate in the creation of laws and standards which will safeguard our colleagues, community and the environment
  • Promote the principles and practices of responsible distribution by sharing experiences and offering assistance to others