About Us

Bates Chemical was established in August 1994 as a Houston / Beaumont area distributor of process chemicals.  Our original focus was the distribution of process chemicals into the gas processing, refining, petrochemical and water treatment market.  In 1995, our product line was expanded to include activated carbon and carbon vessels for liquid or vapor phase purification; chemical and hydrocarbon spill adsorbents, as well as filtration and waste solidification media such as diatomaceous earth, polymers and fly ash.

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Specialty Products

Bates Chemical provides a complimentary line of specialty formulated products that are used to resolve specific treatment solutions for the following processes:

– Waster Water Treatment
– Recycle Water Systems
– Air & Liquid Scrubber Systems
– Odor Management
– H2S & Sulfate Reduction
– Microrobes, Micronutrients & Trace Minerals

Custom formulations can be blended to the customer’s specifications upon request.

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At Bates Chemical, Inc., we are committed to working with the finest suppliers in the industry; those who provide us with consistent and high-quality ingredients, excellent customer service and competitive pricing in both under and over-supplied market cycles.  By offering a wide variety of products, we help consolidate your purchases to one vendor and keep your inventory levels down.  As our partnership grows, we are committed to adding products to our listing to improve our service levels to you.


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